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I teach one-on-one individual lessons from my piano in Oakland, CA, on Zoom, and IN PERSON! (Covid protocols: all vaccinated; distanced; air purifier.) My focus is practical vocal technique, to support the singing of music from the Balkans - and anywhere - freely and safely.  In our 55 minutes, we warm up, work on exercises to improve mechanics and increase expressiveness, and then apply that to a song of the student's choice. This is a safe supportive place for singers of all levels to explore the simple essence of their own voice.

$85.00 / Ages 10 and over.

I love singing in harmony. My last thirty-plus years of singing with Kitka Women's Vocal Ensemble has been the best instruction on how to work in vocal groups. To me the most important work of an ensemble is blend – which I approach by working on establishing the forward placement that Balkan music demands. With that in place, we then can work on intonation, ornaments, pronunciation, and anything else that is needed for a cohesive sound. In addition to working on current repertoire, I am happy to share songs from the delicious menu from the southern Balkans – from village-style diaphonics to mutli-part choral pieces, and anything in-between.

Available as a 3 hour intensive, a 6-hour full day, or a two day 12 hour weekend workshop.


EEFC's Online Workshops - April 2024

  • 4 Wednesdays / 5:00pm PT 8:00pm ET

  • The "How" of Balkan Singing - 2nd Edition

    The “what”: learning the notes and the lyrics of a song

    The “how”: exploring the mechanics that enable us to sing with ease,                  freedom, and full expressiveness - breath, placement, ornaments, vowels,

    the anatomy and physiology of our instrument, and any other areas of                interest that  come up! All levels welcome.


EEFC's West Coast Balkan Camp - June 15 - 22, 2024

  • Mendocino Woodlands, CA

  • Balkan Vocal Technique - 2 Sections

    • Introduction or refresher, exploration, warm up​ (All Levels Welcome)

    • Master class - a deeper dive, individual attention (Experienced Singers)

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