I teach one-on-one individual lessons from my piano in Oakland, CA, by Zoom / Facetime. My focus is practical vocal technique, to enable students to sing music from the Balkans - and anywhere - freely and safely.  In our 55 minutes, we warm up, work on exercises to improve mechanics and increase expressiveness, and then apply that to a song of the student's choice. This is a safe supportive place for singers of all levels to get to know their vocal owner's manual, creating their own personal toolkit.

$75.00 / Ages 10 and over.

While the Corona Virus shutdown is in place, I will be hosting a series of virtual workshops. I would like to hold some of them live so that we can enjoy singing in community. They will also be available by subscription here on my website.The first workshop series may be my 4 installment live-streamed Balkan Vocal Fundamentals co-sponsored by Kitka Women's Vocal Ensemble in March/April 2020. Future workshops will include: Surefire Warm Up; Drills- Ornaments; Drills - Breath Control; Drills - Navigating the "Break"; Diaphonics - Learn 2 Parts...and more.


2021 - All Online for now

  • World Spring Camp - March 18-21, 2021 - Saturday March 20 at 1:00pm PT - I am teaching 2 songs from Pirin region of Bulgaria