I teach one-on-one individual lessons from my piano in Oakland, CA, on Zoom, and IN PERSON! (Covid protocols: all vaccinated; distanced; air purifier.) My focus is practical vocal technique, to support the singing of music from the Balkans - and anywhere - freely and safely.  In our 55 minutes, we warm up, work on exercises to improve mechanics and increase expressiveness, and then apply that to a song of the student's choice. This is a safe supportive place for singers of all levels to explore the simple essence of their own voice.

$85.00 / Ages 10 and over.

I am working on setting up a series of virtual live-streamed workshops. They will also be available by subscription here on my website. Workshops will include: Surefire Warm Up; Drills - Ornaments; Drills - Breath Control; Drills - Navigating the "Break"; Diaphonics - Learn 2 Parts...and more.



East European Folklife Center - BalkanFest - September 9, 2022

  • LET'S SING TOGETHER!!! Balkan Singing 3:30-4:45pm PT 

  • Presidio Theater Plaza, San Francisco