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Michele Simon

I have been teaching vocal technique for over thirty years. My specialty is integrating Balkan vocal styles with American voices. I use innovative exercises and imagery to explore a student's natural voice and then develop technique for safely creating the bright forward sound characteristic throughout the Balkans. My work is rooted in universal fundamentals - anatomy, breath, individual vocal range, performance ease, and safe-singing practice. For a "Balkan sound," we work intensively on placement of resonance, as well as close harmony, ornaments, pronunciation, non-western scales and odd-metered rhythms . I am an unabashed voice geek, endlessly curious about human sound production. Come explore with me!


I teach one-on-one lessons, focussing on technique. A 55 minute lesson includes a warm up, work on everything/anything to improve mechanics and expressiveness, and then a song, to apply the technique we've been learning. This is a safe supportive place for singers of all levels.

I can help your group sing the exquisite choral music of Eastern Europe with a blended cohesive sound. We work on technique on the individual, sectional, and whole ensemble level. Refresh current repertoire,  learn new material.

Immerse yourself in traditional Balkan music and dance!  I teach daily,  and there are classes in a variety of singing styles, instruments, and dances. Nights are for relaxing and dancing to live music.

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