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I have been teaching vocal technique for over thirty years. My specialty is integrating Balkan vocal styles with American voices. I use innovative exercises and imagery to explore a student's natural voice and then develop technique for safely creating the bright forward sound characteristic throughout the Balkans. My work is rooted in universal fundamentals - anatomy, breath, individual vocal range, performance ease, and safe-singing practice. For a "Balkan sound," we work intensively on placement of resonance, as well as close harmony, ornaments, pronunciation, non-western scales and odd-metered rhythms . I am an unabashed voice geek, endlessly curious about human sound production. Come explore with me!


I teach one-on-one lessons, focussing on technique. A 55 minute lesson includes a warm up, work on everything/anything to improve mechanics and expressiveness, and then a song, to apply the technique we've been learning. This is a safe supportive place for singers of all levels.


While the Corona Virus shutdown is in place, I will be hosting a series of virtual workshops. I would like to hold some of them live so that we can enjoy singing in community. They will also be available by subscription here on my website.

Check the blog section below for samples.

Immerse yourself in traditional Balkan music and dance!  I teach daily,  and there are classes in a variety of singing styles, instruments, and dances. Nights are for relaxing and dancing to live music.

..........Corona Virus Update

We cannot gather in the same place but we can still sing together! See Details below for online camp activities.

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